An efficient algorithm for line extraction from laser scans

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Conference Proceeding
2004 IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics, 2004, pp. 970 - 974
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In this paper, an algorithm for extracting line segments from information gathered by a laser rangefinder is presented. The range scan is processed to compute a parameter that is invariant to the position and orientation of straight lines present. This parameter is then used to identify observations that potentially belong to straight lines and compute the slope of these lines. Log-Hough transform, that only explores a small region of the Hough space identified by the slopes computed, is then used to find the equations of the lines present. The proposed method thus combines robustness of the Hough transform technique with the inherent efficiency of line fitting strategies while carrying out all computation in the sensor coordinate frame yielding a fast and robust algorithm for line extraction from laser range scans. Two practical examples are presented to demonstrate the efficacy of the algorithm and compare its performance to the traditional techniques.
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