Performance analysis of an SMC transverse flux motor with modified double-sided stator and PM flux concentrating rotor

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Conference Proceeding
Proceeding of International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems, ICEMS 2007, 2007, pp. 1553 - 1556
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This paper presents the design and performance analysis of a three-phase three-stack transverse flux motor with a modified double-sided stator and a permanent magnet (PM) flux concentrating rotor. Both stator and rotor cores employ SOMALOY™500, a new soft magnetic composite (SMC) material specially developed for electrical machine application. By taking advantage of the unique properties of SMC, such as the magnetic isotropy, the motor is designed with three-dimensional (3D) magnetic flux path. To accurately compute the motor parameters and performance, improved formulations are applied in combination with 3D magnetic field finite element analysis. The designed motor shows superior characteristics to laminated machines.
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