A single cylinder research engine for investigating combustion of direct ethanol injection and port gasoline injection

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Proceedings of the 18th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, AFMC 2012, 2012
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Ethanol has been used as a renewable fuel in internal combustion (IC) engines. However, the existing method of blending gasoline and ethanol fuels does not take the advantages of ethanol fuel, such as its high Octane number and great latent heat of vaporization, to increase the engine compression ratio and consequently the thermal efficiency. Ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port injection (EDI+GPI) is a new technology for using ethanol fuel more effectively and efficiently in IC engine. To experimentally investigate this new technique, a research engine has been developed by modifying a commercial product representing the cylinder capacity of a down sized passenger car engine. In the development of this research engine, two major tasks were addressed: the two separate fuel systems and the electronic control unit (ECU). The operation of both fuel systems including the high pressure pump and the common rail fuel pressure are electronically controlled. The ECU also controls the throttle position and fuel flow rates in an open loop to provide the flexibility of manual adjustments of engine speed, load and lambda. Sample results are reported to show that the developed engine system has met the basic requirements of experiments in this investigation.
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