Performative Spatial Practice _ Expanded Architecture 2014

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Proposing a dynamic fluidity between the built environment and the inhabitants of the city, this paper is an investigation into the relationship between live performance and architecture. Drawing on Henri Lefebvres The production of space, this paper speculates upon the proposition that ‘space and the political organization of space, express social relationships but also react back upon them’ . Reaffirming this claim, this paper contests conventional interpretations of architecture as immovable and passive, instead asserting the built environment as dynamic and active. Exploring such notions in the realm of temporal art practice, this paper pulls focus on a selection of performance based works situated in the public realm. Adopting music as the transient medium to explore intersections between art, architecture and history, this paper provides a reflection upon a series of unconventional investigative spatial performances situated within redundant and historically significant sites.
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