Analysing Multimodal Intertextuality: An illustrative analysis

Shonan Eibungaku
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Journal Article
Shonan Eibungaku [Shonan English Literature Journal], 2013, 8 pp. 49 - 76 (27)
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This presentation will demonstrate, via the analysis of a sample text from The Economist magazine, that a multimodal text is not just simply an isolate resulting from a particular contextual configuration, but is fundamentally a realisation of other texts, especially previous texts which are taken for granted by those who share in its production and reception (Bakhtin 1986:91). A multimodal text has a 'history', and the previous interactions between other texts and their contexts in a sense "leave their mark". This would include not only the multimodal ideational and interpersonal features of previous texts being carried over, but also perhaps some 'coded' expressions or formulaic sequences which could signal what is happening, or act to possibly predict what will occur next (Halliday and Hasan 1985:47). Accordingly, the sample text will be examined in terms of the three aspects of its intertextual 'history': · The Subject Matter and the Issue (field-related) · The Attitudes (tenor-related) · Visual Typology (mode-related)
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