Augmented Reality based Illusion System with biofeedback

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Conference Proceeding
Middle East Conference on Biomedical Engineering, MECBME, 2014, pp. 265 - 268
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This paper presents the Augmented Reality based Illusion System (ARIS) with biofeedback for upper limb rehabilitation. It aims for fast recovery of motor deficit with motivational approach over traditional upper limb rehabilitation methods. The system incorporates with Augmented Reality (AR) technology to develop upper limb rehabilitation exercise and computer vision with color recognition technique to create 'Fool-the-Brain' concept for fast recovery of neural impairment due to various motor injuries. The rehabilitation exercise in ARIS is aiming to increase the shoulder joint range of motions by performing reaching movements and to strengthen the associated muscles. 'Fool-the-Brain' concept is introduced during performing rehabilitation exercise to perceive artificial visual feedback where user's real impaired arm is covered by Virtual Arm (VA). When the real arm cannot perform the required task, VA will take over the job of real one and will make the user perceives the sense that is still be able to accomplish the task with own effort. Evaluation has performed and results indicate that ARIS with biofeedback is a potential upper limb rehabilitation system for people with upper limb motor deficit. © 2014 IEEE.
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