A robust people detection, tracking, and counting system

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Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation, ACRA, 2014, 02-04-December-2014
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The ability to track moving people is a key aspect of autonomous robot systems in real-world environments. Whilst for many tasks knowing the approximate positions of people may be sufficient, the ability to identify unique people is needed to accurately count people in the real world. To accomplish the people counting task, a robust system for people detection, tracking and identification is needed. This paper presents our approach for robust real world people detection, tracking and counting using a PrimeSense RGBD camera. Our past research, upon which we built, is highlighted and novel methods to solve the problems of sensor self-localisation, false negatives due to persons physically interacting with the environment, and track misassociation due to crowdedness are presented. An empirical evaluation of our approach in a major Sydney public train station (N=420) was conducted, and results demonstrating our methods in the complexities of this challenging environment are presented.
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