Success Strategies For Project Management During National Crises: Insights From The British Aviation Industry During World War Two

The Academy of IRMBR International Research in Management and Business Realities
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Journal Article
International Review of Management and Business Research, 2014, 3 (1), pp. 533 - 556
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Abstract Success is a fundamental imperative in the field of project management. The authors contributed to the theme of success by exploring the strategies that assisted in the delivery of successful projects during national crises. The occurrence of these crises stimulates the emergence of different dynamics and constraints that affect every aspect of the socioeconomic system, including projects. The success strategies needed in such contexts are different from those employed during times of peace. This paper reported the results of an introspective study of 24 British aviation projects undertaken during World War Two. The authors revealed six effective strategies that support the delivery of successful projects during a national crisis period. The authors discussed the results and made Links to contemporary projects together with practical recommendations that will enhance the understanding of successful project delivery during national crises.
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