Investigating the impact of facebook use on cancer survivors' psychological well-being

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Conference Proceeding
19th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2013 - Hyperconnected World: Anything, Anywhere, Anytime, 2013, 3 pp. 2184 - 2190
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Rapid growth of Social Network Sites (SNSs) use by cancer survivors makes it important to examine whether there is a relationship between the use of these online communities and cancer survivors' psychological well-being. This article poses the question of how the Facebook use as the most popular SNS, may impact cancer survivors' psychological well-being. To answer this question a comprehensive literature review of studies conducted in information systems and health disciplines has been undertaken and a theoretical model is proposed. This study is expected to contribute to the existing knowledge base through the development of a new theoretical model which introduces and explains the ways that SNS use may impact cancer survivors' psychological well-being. It provides important information on the health-related SNSs use and is envisioned to assist health care organizations and cancer survivors to use SNS as an e-health application. © (2013) by the AIS/ICIS Administrative Office All rights reserved.
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