Parkes Shire Council: Distributed energy plan - report

Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS
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2011, pp. 1 - 64
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Parkes Shire Council (PSC) is investigating the options to reduce energy use and generate local energy from renewable or low carbon sources, with the aim of delivering significant financial and environmental benefits. To this end, PSC commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures to produce a Distributed Energy Plan to form part of PSCs Sustainable Water and Energy Plan (SWEP). ISF undertook a high level assessment of the energy options by assigning indicative costs and comparing them with projected increases in NSW electricity prices, and assessing risks and benefits in the Parkes context. Six options were selected for further investigation in consultation with PSC. Implementing the proposed Distributed Energy Plan could provide significant economic, social and environmental benefit to both PSC and the wider Parkes community, enabling PSC to invest more in other essential community services and programs. It will directly reduce councils own emissions and costs, and increase the profile of sustainable and low carbon technologies. An important element of the plan is to ensure that the Parkes community is informed about the energy actions implemented, enabling businesses, organisations and residents to learn from the Councils experience. There may be potential in the future to facilitate community implementation of distributed energy, for example by arranging or facilitating bulk purchase cooperatives, so that residents can gain access to the same cost effective solutions as PSC itself.
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