Local visual words coding for low bit rate mobile visual search

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MM 2012 - Proceedings of the 20th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2012, pp. 989 - 992
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Mobile visual search has attracted extensive attention for its huge potential for numerous applications. Research on this topic has been focused on two schemes: sending query images, and sending compact descriptors extracted on mobile phones. The first scheme requires about 30-40KB data to transmit, while the second can reduce the bit rate by 10 times. In this paper, we propose a third scheme for extremely low bit rate mobile visual search, which sends compressed visual words consisting of vocabulary tree histogram and descriptor orientations rather than descriptors. This scheme can further reduce the bit rate with few extra computational costs on the client. Specifically, we store a vocabulary tree and extract visual descriptors on the mobile client. A light-weight pre-retrieval is performed to obtain the visited leaf nodes in the vocabulary tree. The orientation of each local descriptor and the tree histogram are then encoded to be transmitted to server. Our new scheme transmits less than 1KB data, which reduces the bit rate in the second scheme by 3 times, and obtains about 30% improvement in terms of search accuracy over the traditional Bag-of-Words baseline. The time cost is only 1.5 secs on the client and 240 msecs on the server. © 2012 ACM.
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