China's Vision of Global Governance: A Resurrection of the "Central Kingdom"?

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China Joins Global Governance, 2012, 1, pp. 15 - 33
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China's rapid ascendancy in the past decades has sparked off livcly debates in the mass media as well as in academic and policymaking circles as to what China will do with its newfound power. Previous studies about China's rise and irs gradual integration in rhe world can be broadly divided into duee different groups. Scholars in the first group examine if China would comply with the norms and rules made and proffered by the West. 1 They query whether China can adjust itself [0 the norms and ru les that have been set and preferred by the dominant powers since World War II. The second group of scholars has pondered whether China will arrempr to challenge the position of the United States as a hegemon in the world. Similar to those in the first group, they tend ro gauge China's commitmem to the liberal inrernational order and ask whether China is a status quo power,2 a (dis)satisfied power,J a regional threat,4 or a responsible state.s The third group of schola rs argues that China seeks great power status, clamoring for "a seat at the table" of the eli te club of major powers.
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