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Unhomely is a site specific work created for ISEA 2013, the 19th International Symposium on Electronic art. The work is situated within the historic Reynolds Cottage in Sydneys The Rocks. As winters dusk encroaches on The Rocks, a dream of past occupants and events unfolds through the windows of Reynolds Cottage. Four computers project a stream of weather events and disturbing historical imagery onto the windows of the front and rear facades of the cottage, setting loose an historical reverie and reanimating a site soaked in centuries of humanity. The spectacle is uncanny, luminous and touching. This old home gets transformed into an uncanny magic lantern disclosing a dark citys yearning. The body of this historical imagery is constituted from an archive of 3000 Sydney crime scene photographs dated from 1945-1960. Images were selected from this archive based on their geographic relevance, incorporating several local crimes, from murders to petty theft, abortion and illegal gambling. Unhomely utilises these images to reimagine their factual and documentary status. It explores the hidden dimensions of historical material stored in archives, and how such material might form the basis for a creative reimagining of the lives of the Rocks residents. It doing so it explores the forgotten and untold stories of this areas inhabitants. Unhomely was exhibited as part of ISEA 2014. ISEA is one of worlds premiere exhibitions of electronic art. Its exists to promote interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working with art, science and technology. Unhomely included Nostalgia of the New, an artists panel discussion at the MCA.
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