Integrating affinity propagation clustering method with linear discriminant analysis for face recognition

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Journal Article
Optical Engineering, 2007, 46 (11)
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The Fisherface method suffers from the problem of using all training face images to recognize a test face image. To tackle this problem, we propose combining a novel clustering method, affinity propagation (AP), recently reported in the journal Science, with linear discriminant analysis (LDA) to form a new method, AP-LDA, for face recognition. By using AP, a representative face image for each subject can be obtained. Our AP-LDA method uses only these representative face images rather than all training images for recognition. Thus, it is more computationally efficient than Fisherface. Experimental results on several benchmark face databases also show that AP-LDA outperforms Fisherface in terms of recognition rate. © 2007 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.
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