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Freedom and Unity Monument Competition Exhibition
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On 9 November 2007, the German parliament, the Bundestag, decided that the Federal Republic of Germany would erect a Memorial to Freedom and Unity in remembrance of the peaceful revolution in the autumn of 1989 and the reinstatement of Germany's national unity. The Memorial, planned as a national symbol, was to be erected in the centre of the German capital, at the site of the former national monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I on the so-called "Schlossfreiheit" in Berlin-Mitte. A two tier competition process was put in place - an open international competition, followed by a jury selection of twenty entries for a second stage. The exhibition at the Kronprinzenpalais was of the 532 proposed entries. Design proposal: Located in one of Berlin's most contested political/socio sites, Schlossplatz, INFINITY sends out a message to the wider world how Germany's former division, reunification and subsequent evolution to fully integrated country as something created from a multiple of parts that will continue to evolve into new formulations of 'Germany' into the future. Positioned on the East/West axis, the monument draws the public's attention from either side of Schlossplatz and Unter den Linden. The key aspect of the design is to actively engage the public to encounter the three dimensional facade and to move through, ascend and inhabit the monument to lookout onto the immediate surroundings - the Humbolt Forum and further afield such as Alexanderplatz. The views within the monument and out into the surrounding city are fractured into multiple reflections and reflections of reflections. The viewer, the city and the sky are implicated within each other as they are bounced back and forth between panes creating virtual spaces within the monument.
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