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`Nightlight', a project in the field of moving image and architecture; transplanted a familiar and simple everyday experience of Carriageworks into a constructed and beautiful experience at night. Presented as part of Expanded Architecture 2011 during Sydney Architecture Festival 2011, the installation utilised the agency of mapping as a generative tool to reproduce a spatial experience. Mapping an everyday sequence of movementlight formations from a splice of time`Nightlight transformed the natural light that penetrated the interior space during the day and made it visible in the dark, rendering an often invisible daily sequence of events, visible. For participants, a familiar sensory experience, a "normal" environmental condition, is artificially imposed during the darkness of night, turning what is typically a static space into an interactive environment shaped by the architectural characteristics of the space. Visitors experience a shifting perceptual condition, as a projected image emulates the sunlight casting its footprint across the ground. By focusing on the perceptual experiences of visitors, `Nightlight extends current research into the mechanics of visual perception. The research contributes to investigations into modes of architectural drawing and mapping and how these techniques can be used to uncover new spatial and perceptual potentials. New ways of seeing have produced clear disciplinary shifts and changes in the way that we practice and think about architecture. The exhibition was held at the Carriageworks, a nineteenth century industrial train depot transformed into one of Sydneys premiere artistic hubs and exhibition spaces. Expanded Architecture selected artists, film-makers, architects and design professionals to produce and exhibit site-specific projected installations, responding to the foyer space of Carriageworks.
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