Type Horses

Sydney Design 2011
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Type Horses
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The exhibition was part of Sydney Design 2011, an annual two-week festival produced by the Powerhouse Museum and sixty other cultural institutions. The festival aims to foster meaningful dialogue around design issues. The work in this exhibition is part of my ongoing research around visually communicating the creative process. The exhibition reflects on the ways practitioners work in the early stages of the creative process through the exploration of the relationships that famous writers have with their typewriters. Of all creative practitioners, writers - with their verbal communication skills - are best suited to articulating this rough and usually private process. I studied the practices of forty-five writers, and chose three 'case studies' to research in more depth. This research is visualised as a series of 45 illustrations, collections of large format posters (stencil and offset printed) and 2 artist books (see images). Supplementing the research, two workshops were held at the gallery during the exhibition period - one open to the public, the other by invitation. Participants reflected on the materiality of the writing process by typing on manual and electronic typewriters, as well as writing with other tools (various pens, pencils, brushes and quills). Participants provided written feedback and reflections, which I will incorporate into future research in this area. The research visualised through this exhibition expands on the research presented in my doctoral thesis (2010) and a previous exhibition, 'Hand, Writing' (DAB LAB, 2011) into the way creative practitioners work. The UTS library purchased an artist book and my process book for their permanent collection.
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