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The CRS (crease) container project is an investigation into the application of creasing or pleating using sheet metal. Inspiration was drawn from the way dress makers are able to make fabric follow the human body. Many garments such as dress pants and suite jackets are created using some form of pleat or crease to ensure that unsightly and uncomfortable crumpling of the fabric is minimised or completely avoided. Pleating or creasing fabric is relatively straight forward; performing this process on sheet metal is not as simple. Following on from previous sheet metal experiments which investigated the idea of complex form creation using a combination of manual and technological methods, I adopted the same idea of perforating the sheet metal along a designated fold line. CRS is a concept for combining perforating and manual folding as a means to create objects, in this case a series of containers. The objects are constructed using mild steel, the perorations are made using a laser cutter and colour is applied using spray-painting technology
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