Mechanics of Visual Perception

Sydney Architecture Festival 2012
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Mechanics of Visual Perception
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The Mechanics of Visual Perception, a public talk and exhibition in the DAB Research Lab at the University of Technology, Sydney from October 30, 2012 November 28, 2012 was part of Sydney Architecture Festival 2012. The exhibit showcased a sample of work from a larger catalogue which investigates the mechanics between the body, mind, and environment. The work uses modes of architectural representation to better understand how and what we see. Drawing on the seminal works of architects such as Bernard Tschumi (in his 1976 Screenplays and 1978 Manhattan Transcripts), it explores ways architectural drawing methods and processes can be used as generative tools. It specifically investigates how the perceptual relationship between eye and mind becomes distorted by physiological changes and creates specific spatial implications. Feuerman draws on his experience of an acute, isolated stroke causing Internuclear Opthalmoplegia (ino), a disorder that affected the coordination of his eyes. The small exhibition space is designed to disturb, to place participants in a world of distortions, reflections, moirés, and soundscapes. Constructed apparatus examine how new ways of seeing can be translated into dynamic visual surfaces and installations that challenge everyday perceptions. Collages accompanied by architectural diagrams and mappings, explore a neurological perceptual distortion with accuracy. The research takes these explorations past documentation into speculation about new spatial environments, and new architectures, that support and transform our understanding of the seen and unseen world.
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