Testing analogical proportions with Google using kolmogorov information theory

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Proceedings of the 22nd International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, FLAIRS-22, 2009, pp. 272 - 277
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Analogical reasoning is considered as one of the main mechanisms underlying creativity. "Thinking out of the box" allows the paradigm shift essential to a creative process. More common is the concept of analogical proportion ("2 is to 4 as 4 is to 8") which can be described within an algebraic framework. When it comes to concepts ("engine is to the car as heart is to the human"), we need to investigate a new way to understand this analogical ratio. In this paper, we take inspiration from the formal framework of information theory for proposing a new approach to the evaluation of analogy between concepts. Using Kolmogorov complexity as a backbone providing a clear semantics, we give a practical interpretation for analogy between words viewed as labeling concepts. Making use of Google as a linguistic resource, we provide an implementation of our definitions: experiments show that the accuracy of our definition is quite acceptable and justify the approach. Copyright © 2009, Assocation for the Advancement of ArtdicaI Intelligence (www.aaai.org). All rights reserved.
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