Challenges In Assessing The Installation Effects Of Controlled Modulus Columns On Behaviour Of Surrounding Soils

The GEOMATE International Society
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Proceedings Of Fourth International Conference – Geomate 2014 Geotechnique, Construction Materials And Environment, 2014, 4 (1), pp. 44 - 49 (6)
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Ground improvement technique using controlled modulus columns (CMC) has become increasingly popular in recent years. A rotary displacement auger is screwed and pushed into the ground during installation, to create a vertical cylindrical cavity before concrete is injected to form a CMC. This process causes disturbance of the surrounding soils and results in lateral displacement. In certain circumstances, such displacement may cause damage to freshly grouted neighbouring columns or nearby structures. This paper integrates the existing methods in assessing the lateral displacement of the surrounding soils due to CMC installation. Analytical, numerical and physical modelling techniques are discussed. The study aims to provide recommendations on novel techniques as well as important parameters for simulating CMC installation process and assessing the effect of this process on nearby freshly grouted CMCs and bridge piles.
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