Notes for Walking

UTS, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney Festival, MOB, Apple
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Sydney Festival, 2013
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Notes for Walking is a major published and exhibited locative media artwork that ran in the visual arts program of the Sydney Festival from Jan 5-27 incl, 2013. Using location based technologies delivered via smartphones, audiences downloaded a mobile app to discover a set of original video / audio contents that had been electronically tagged to the former naval fortification site at Middle Head. The work incorporated spatial and locative narrative approaches to mobile media content and integrated video and audio materials specifically crafted for mobile, outdoor conditions. A dedicated original app was developed for the work, along with video/audio/textual contents, a gallery installation, multichannel sound installation, dedicated website and social media presence. Notes for Walking was enormously successful during it's exhibition in the Sydney Festival, far exceeding expectations in terms of audience numbers and project reach. ITunes and channel download data recorded over 2,600 downloads, with an estimated 3,500 to 4,000 onsite visitors to Middle Head during January- enormous numbers for a location based artwork. Along with reaching a large audience, Notes for Walking generated multiple media articles due to its combination of original cultural contents and it's location based, mobile delivery mode. While a number of locative projects have delivered and worked with audio, stills and GPS data, very few projects have successfully worked with video content in a location specific mode via smartphone. The work and audience reach arguably proves the viability of location specific approaches in art, media, historical and cultural contexts.
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