Experimental investigation of local flux distribution and fouling behavior in double-end and dead-end submerged hollow fiber membrane modules

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Journal Article
Journal of Membrane Science, 2014, 453 pp. 18 - 26
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A new experimental method was proposed to obtain local fluxes along the membrane fibers of double-end and dead-end submerged hollow fiber membrane modules (SHFMMs) and to investigate the impact of average operating flux, fiber length and filtration modes (dead-end and double-end filtration) on local flux distribution. The relationship between the local flux and fouling behavior was monitored through the development of local fouling during filtration of 5. g/L yeast suspension using the non-invasive ultrasonic technique. The experimental results showed that the local flux distribution in the double-end SHFMM was more uniform than that in the dead-end SHFMM at the same operating conditions. Furthermore, the local flux obtained near the upper suction end of the double-end SHFMM was higher than that near the lower suction end. The difference value between the maximum and minimum local fluxes decreased with the decrease of fiber length and average operating flux in the double-end SHFMM. In addition, the ultrasonic measurements revealed that the behavior of fouling deposition on the membrane surface was consistent with the local flux distribution, which led to the self-adjustment and redistribution of local flux during the operation. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.
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