Is H+ the symbol for acid? Provision of learning support in foundation-level chemistry for Bachelor of Nursing students enrolled in bioscience subjects

First Year in Higher Education Centre
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International First Year in Higher Education (FYHE) 16th Conference, 2013
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Despite the value given to the teaching of bioscience as a central component of undergraduate nursing education, it has been accepted that nursing students often find bioscience subjects some of the most difficult to both master and perform well in. This nuts and bolts paper explores a practical approach undertaken to give first year students, commencing their anatomy and physiology unit, the opportunity to self-assess their existing knowledge of chemistry. We then evaluated the outcomes of a providing a wiki of student-sourced web pages on chemistry that students could use to address any knowledge gaps or revise aspects of basic chemistry. We found that students were open to using online resources provided they saw the relevance, were aware of them and had time and access to tools. Additionally, results also indicated that encouragement from teaching staff may drive the usage of self-directed online resources.
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