Globally stable control of a dynamic bipedal walker using adaptive frequency oscillators

Cambridge University Press
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Journal Article
Robotica, 2014, 32 (7), pp. 1039 - 1063
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We present a control method for a simple limit-cycle bipedal walker that uses adaptive frequency oscillators (AFOs) to generate stable gaits. Existence of stable limit cycles is demonstrated with an inverted-pendulum model. This model predicts a proportional relationship between hip torque amplitude and stride frequency. The closed-loop walking control incorporates adaptive Fourier analysis to generate a uniform oscillator phase. Gait solutions (fixed points) are predicted via linearization of the walker model, and employed as initial conditions to generate exact solutions via simulation. Global stability is determined via a recursive algorithm that generates the approximate basin of attraction of a fixed point. We also present an initial study on the implementation of AFO-based control on a bipedal walker with realistic mass distribution and articulated knee joints
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