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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10-01Domain decomposition combined radial basis function collocation method to solve transient eddy current magnetic problems with moving conductorsYang, G; Chen, X; Lei, G; Shao, KR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD
2011-03-16The thermal response investigation of functionally graded material platesTian, JH; Cao, Y; Wang, JH; Xu, W; Xu, XL
2011-12-01Reducing bearing wear in induction generators for wave and tidal current energy devicesShek, JKH; Dorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Macpherson, DE; Mueller, MA
2011-12-01Towards agent-oriented approach to a call management systemAshamalla, AN; Beydoun, G; Low, G
2011-05-01Three-dimensional dosimetry imaging of I-125 plaque for eye cancer treatmentWeaver, M; Green, J; Petasecca, M; Lerch, MLF; Cutajar, D; Franklin, D; Jakubek, J; Carolan, MG; Conway, M; Pospisil, S; Kron, T; Metcalfe, P; Zaider, M; Rosenfeld, AB
2011-05-01Prediction of maximum wave-induced liquefaction in porous seabed using multi-artificial neural network modelCha, D; Zhang, H; Blumenstein, M
2011-11-01Predicting fractures in an international cohort using risk factor algorithms without BMDSambrook, PN; Flahive, J; Hooven, FH; Boonen, S; Chapurlat, R; Lindsay, R; Nguyen, TV; Díez-Perez, A; Pfeilschifter, J; Greenspan, SL; Hosmer, D; Netelenbos, JC; Adachi, JD; Watts, NB; Cooper, C; Roux, C; Rossini, M; Siris, ES; Silverman, S; Saag, KG; Compston, JE; Lacroix, A; Gehlbach, S
2011-01Aesthetics in Interactive Interface DesignJi, Y; Thatcher, DS
2011-03-01Swarmed discriminant analysis for multifunction prosthesis controlKhushaba, RN; Al-Ani, A; Al-Jumaily, A
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