Dry sliding wear behaviour of full pearlite obtained by cladding low carbon steel to hypoeutectoid steel

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Journal Article
Advanced Materials Research, 2014, 1017 pp. 147 - 153
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© (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. The dry sliding wear behaviour of the full pearlite in a novel bimetal consisting of low carbon steel and hypoeutectoid steel has been studied by means of pin-on-disc type wear tests at room temperature. Thermomechanical treatments were performed on the bimetallic samples to obtain different interlamellar spacings. It was found that interlamellar spacing decreased with an increase in plastic strain to a great extent initially and followed by a lower extent of decrease. This decrease not only increases the hardness and strain hardening capacity of the fully pearlitic microstructure, but also is in favor of stabilizing the friction coefficient during sliding process. The observations of wear tracks show that delamination dominated the wear process when interlamellar spacing is higher than 200 nm, while pronounced oxidational wear occurred with interlamellar spacing below 200 nm.
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