Urban Atmospheres: at the interface of air

RMIT Interior Design
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Situation: symposium and exhibition proceedings, 2014
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The paper explores the situation of turbulence: beautiful vortexes, eddy flows and emigrational currents within the external and internal relationships we embody in the air we breathe. As air is both an internal and external element in every breath we take, it inherently conditions our interior and exterior environments. Expressed through an ongoing research project, the paper explores through actual, theoretical and physical dimensions, how air and pollution are reshaping our relationships to the Urban Atmospheres around us. Responding to interiority and subjectivity as situational conditions and the relational and experiential dimensions of situations, the paper situates the nature of turbulence and air pollution as an oscillating world conditioning of the air we breathe. The paper is divided into five parts the first “The material of air” explores the visibility of air. The second “The behaviour of air” discusses the social interaction of air we share with others. The third part “The economy of air” accounts for air and industry, production and profit and the forth “Wearing your air” discusses the prototypes under development, the methodologies for wearable ‘urban architectures’ and their implementation in terms of hardware and software, sensing technologies, mapping, domains and user testing. The article concludes with a speculation on the “Recovering air” and the consequences of living in unstable environments. The paper extends a recent publication of the project through an exhibition held at the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, Portugal.
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