Elastic visco-plastic behaviour of soft soils improved with preloading and vertical drains

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Geotechnical Special Publication, 2014, (254 GSP), pp. 17 - 24
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In this study, a numerical solution adopting an elastic visco-plastic model with nonlinear creep function incorporated in the consolidation equations has been developed to investigate the time-dependent behavior of soft soil deposits improved with vertical drains and preloading. The employed elastic visco-plastic model is based on the framework of the modified Cam-Clay model capturing soil creep during excess pore water pressure dissipation. In addition, nonlinear variations of creep strain rate with stress and time and permeability variations during the consolidation process are considered. The developed numerical model is validated against Ska-Edeby test fill with the available long-term settlement and excess pore water pressure monitoring results for the soft clay deposit improved with vertical drains assisted preloading. Practicing engineers can adopt the developed code and guidelines to predict the long-term performance of embankments on soft soil improved using preloading. © ASCE 2014.
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