Evaluating proposed solutions for equivalent plane strain modeling of PVD assisted preloading

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Geotechnical Special Publication, 2014, (250 GSP), pp. 9 - 16
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In this study, a numerical code has been developed using free lossless audio codec (FLAC) 2-D to model the prefabricated vertical drain (PVD) assisted preloading process considering the smear zone, and evaluate the efficiency of the proposed equations for the conversion of permeability coefficient from axisymmetric state to plane-strain condition. A laboratory PVD assisted preloading test has been conducted employing a fully instrumented large Rowe cell to verify the developed numerical code. The results of the numerical plane-strain and axisymmetric simulations have been compared using four methods of permeability conversion from axisymmetric to plane-strain condition. © ASCE 2014.
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