A method of optimizing multi-tenant database query access

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Web Information Systems Engineering – WISE 2013 Workshops, 2014, 8182 pp. 194 - 212
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Multi-tenant database is a new cloud computing paradigm that has recently attracted attention to deliver database functionalities for multiple database users to create, store, and access their databases over the internet. However, such approach raises an issue in database performance, due to the fact that the multi-tenant database is shared between multiple tenants. Therefore, this contemporary database requires a special query method to optimize different query retrievals for multiple tenants who are using the same resources of a single multi-tenant database. In this paper, we are proposing a multi-tenant query optimization method based on multi-tenant database schema called Elastic Extension Tables (EET). This method estimates the cost of different query execution plans, to determine the optimal plan. Then uses this plan to execute a tenant’s query by using a code base solution that converts multi-tenant queries into traditional database queries and executes them by using a query optimizer of any Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
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