Depth super-resolution by fusing depth imaging and stereo vision with structural determinant information inference

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Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2014, pp. 4212 - 4217
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© 2014 IEEE. In this paper, we present a depth super-resolution framework by fusing depth imaging and stereo vision for high-resolution and high-accuracy depth maps. Depth cameras and stereo vision have their own limitations in some aspects, but their characteristics of range sensing are complementary. Thus, combining both approaches can produce more satisfactory results than either one. Unlike previous fusion methods, we initially taking the noisy depth observation from depth camera as prior information of scene structure. The prior information of scene structure is also utilized to infer structural determinant information, like depth discontinuity and occlusion, which is essential to improve the quality of depth map in the fusion process. In succession, the prior knowledge helps to overcome difficulties of intensity inconsistency in image observation from stereo vision component. Experimental results demonstrate effectiveness and accuracy of the proposed method.
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