The effect of volume ratio of Ethanol directly injected in a gasoline port injection spark ignition engine

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ASPACC 2015 - 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion, 2015
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Ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port injection (EDI+GPI) represents a more efficient and flexible way to utilize ethanol fuel in spark ignition (SI) engines. The greater cooling effect and higher octane number of ethanol fuel make it possible to implement engine downsizing technologies while avoiding knock issue in SI engines. In this paper, experiments were conducted on a single-cylinder 0.25L-displacement SI engine equipped with an EDI+GPI dual-injection fuel system. The engine was run at medium load (IMEP 6.3-7.1 bar) and stoichiometric fuel/air ratio. The ethanol ratio by volume varied from 0% (GPI only) to 100% (EDI only). Experimental results showed that the IMEP increased with the increase of ethanol ratio up to an ethanol ratio of 69% at 3500 RPM and 76% at 4000 RPM. With ethanol ratio greater than 69% or 76%, the IMEP reduced with the increased ethanol ratio. For engine exhaust gas emissions, the CO and HC emissions increased and NO decreased with the increase of ethanol ratio from 0% to 100%.
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