Tracing Technology Evolution Pathways by Combining Tech Mining and Patent Citation Analysis

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With the flexibility and complexity of modern science-based technologies, traditional statistical analysis may fail to capture the details of technology evolution, especially for newly emerging science and technologies (NESTs). Tracking technology evolution pathways can support industrial, governmental, and academic decision-making involving future development trends. Patents provide one of several important NEST data resources pertinent to developmental paths. In this paper, we draw upon text analyses, augmented with expert knowledge, to identify key NEST sub-domains and component technologies. We then complement those analyses with patent citation analyses to help track developmental progressions. We identify key sub-domain patents associated with particular component technology trajectories, then extract pivotal patents via citation analyses. We compose evolutionary pathways by combining citation and topical intelligence. We present empirical analyses of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) to illustrate our approach. We believe this offers potential to inform NEST management by spotting prime opportunities for innovation.
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