Feasibility study on magnetic enhanced flocculation for mitigating membrane fouling

Korean Society of Industrial Engineering Chemistry
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Journal Article
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2014, 26 pp. 37 - 45
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During coagulation/flocculation-membrane filtration (CF-MF) process, membrane fouling was alleviated more significantly through magnetic enhanced flocculation-membrane filtration (MEF-MF) in the presence of ferromagnetic seeds in coagulants. Porous cake layer with flocs of large size was able to alleviate decline rate of membrane flux. Foulant analysis proved that magnetic enhanced flocculation (MEF) pretreatment was more efficient for the reductions of low and mid-molecular weight (MW) organic structures than CF-MF. Biopolymers with high molecular weight were also effectively removed before filtration. Overall, MEF-MF could provide a novel alternative approach to mitigate membrane fouling for surface water treatment.
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