The HIPASS catalogue - I. Data presentation

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Journal Article
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2004, 350 (4), pp. 1195 - 1209
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The H I Parkes All-Sky Survey (HIPASS) catalogue forms the largest uniform catalogue of H I sources compiled to date, with 4315 sources identified purely by their H I content. The catalogue data comprise the southern region δ < + 2° of HIPASS, the first blind H I survey to cover the entire southern sky. The rms noise for this survey is 13 mJy beam -1 and the velocity range is -1280 to 12 700 km s -1. Data search, verification and parametrization methods are discussed along with a description of measured quantities. Full catalogue data are made available to the astronomical community including positions, velocities, velocity widths, integrated fluxes and peak flux densities. Also available are on-sky moment maps, position-velocity moment maps and spectra of catalogue sources. A number of local large-scale features are observed in the space distribution of sources, including the super-Galactic plane and the Local Void. Notably, large-scale structure is seen at low Galactic latitudes, a region normally obscured at optical wavelengths.
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