When EFL teachers perform L2 and L1 in the classroom, what happens to their sense of self

T E S L - E J
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Journal Article
TESL-EJ: The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language, 2015, 19 (2), pp. ? - ? (20)
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We often hear from speakers of L2 that they ‘feel different’ when communicating through the medium of an additional language. While there has been much exploration of L2- mediated identity development in naturalistic settings, there is very little conducted within the instructed learning environment of EFL. The present study explores how nine teachers of English in Thailand (eight Thai and one Anglo-Australian) perceived their classroom performance of both first and second language. Through observation and interview, the study finds that teachers perceived that their classroom roles differed markedly according to whether they spoke in L1 or L2, and that what was opened up or closed down by L2 was influenced by a teacher’s personal experience, as well as by their perception of a particular language’s structure and its discursive status in the world.
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