Efficient people counting with limited manual interferences

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Conference Proceeding
2014 International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications, DICTA 2014, 2015
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© 2014 IEEE. People counting is a topic with various practical applications. Over the last decade, two general approaches have been proposed to tackle this problem: a) counting based on individual human detection; b)counting by measuring regression relation between the crowd density and number of people. Because the regression based method can avoid explicit people detection which faces several well-known challenges, it has been considered as a robust method particularly on a complicated environments. An efficient regression based method is proposed in this paper, which can be well adopted into any existing video surveillance system. It adopts color based segmentation to extract foreground regions in images. Regression is established based on the foreground density and the number of people. This method is fast and can deal with lighting condition changes. Experiments on public datasets and one captured dataset have shown the effectiveness and robustness of the method.
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