Model Updating for Loading Capacity Estimation of Concrete Structures using Ambient Vibration

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Citation:, 2015, 20 (11)
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This paper presents a model updating approach for determining the loading capacity of a concrete structure utilising measured ambient vibration responses. The proposed method uses Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) with the Enhanced Frequency Domain Decomposition (EFDD) technique to identify the natural frequencies and mode shapes of an experimental replica specimen of a Sydney Harbour Bridge concrete jack arch component. For vibration testing, the structure is excited with ambient vibration recordings from the actual Sydney Harbour Bridge using a vibro tactile transducer. The vibration responses of the structure are measured using an array of strategically placed accelerometers. A numerical model is developed and updated using the vibrational characteristics with the aim of estimating the load capacity of the structure. The results show that the proposed updating method using partitioning has great potential to be used for determining the loading capacity of a structure as part of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system.
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