2015 Green Electricity Guide Methodology and Results

Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS
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2015, pp. 1 - 38
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The Green Electricity Guide helps to inform Australians about which electricity retailers are really as ‘green’ as they say they are. It is the only independent analysis and ranking of the environmental performance of all electricity retailers around Australia. It is an important source of information for consumers keen to support retailers who align with their values. In 2014 the first edition of the online Guide was produced by TEC and Greenpeace, using earlier ISF research as one of main the inputs to the ranking criteria. The Guide ranked 20 retailers against 7 criteria and has been visited by over 100,000 people. In 2015, ISF was contracted to update the Guide's methodology and rankings. The cost of the work was partly funded by an Advocacy grant from Energy Consumers Australia. In addition, ISF, TEC and Choice all contributed in-kind support to the project. ISF reviewed the 2014 Guide criteria and rankings, and then conducted background research to identify additional criteria and sub-criteria to expand the 2015 Guide to more comprehensively assess the 'green' credentials of Australia's electricity retailers. ISF developed a survey for retailers to capture the required information for the rankings. Information provided by retailers was then supplemented by and verified against desktop research of company websites, company reports and public reports conducted in September 2015. Each retailer's data was assessed and scored, to determine a final score and ranking for 2015. The rankings are available online at www.greenelectricityguide.com.au
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