Bio-informatics with genetic steganography technique

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Studies in Computational Intelligence, 2015, 595 pp. 333 - 345
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© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 Biological systems have been a rich source of stimulation for computer security specialists. A wide number of approaches have been proposed over the last decade for encoding data using deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA), giving rise to the developing area of DNA data hiding. In this work, a new data hiding technique based upon DNA characteristic have been developed. DNA matrix has been used to represent the secret message. After that DNA matrix converted to Quick Response (QR) representation that offers a broad scope of practical usage. In addition, the paper provides an idea of choosing the optimal locations of the QR in order to obtain rightmost position. A new system based on the genetic algorithm has been developed. Finally, we embed the QR codes into the most appropriate location by applying the Haar Wavelet technique on the resulting DNA signals and LSB with assist of the GA in order to reduce the error between the cover image and the stego image. Experimental results have presented a high PSNR which indicate a high level of quality in stego-image with high capacity.
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