The multiple benefits of brands and features: Evaluating the position of breads on health, taste, and value

Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy
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Innovation and Growth Strategies in Marketing, 2015
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We outline a framework outlining how product positioning occurs in a multi-dimensional consideration of brand benefits, whilst accounting for how product features further shape product positioning. Respondents evaluated supermarket breads described by brands and a variety of features (e.g., flour, claims, price). A holistic evaluation was made with respect to health, taste, value and overall preference. A brand’s relative position on multiple benefits was derived via a discrete choice model, simultaneously accounting for the impact that product features have on these same dimensions. This allows a direct comparison of the drivers of positioning from a holistic, multi-attribute multi-brand perspective. The results show the strong value that brands have in driving positioning, but also the role of some features in furthering this. The research compliments other frameworks and methods in product positioning, and we outline its extension to benefit segmentation.
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