Applications of soft magnetic composite materials in electrical machines: A review

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Journal Article
Australian Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2006, 3 (1), pp. 37 - 46
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Soft magnetic composite (SMC) materials and their uses in electrical machines have undergone significant development in the past decade. The major advantages of the materials include isotropic magnetic and thermal properties, very low eddy current loss and relatively low total core loss at medium and higher frequencies, and low cost fabrication with good tolerance and surface finish using the well developed powder metallurgical techniques that require no further machining. It is even anticipated that the application of SMC may lead to a revolutionary development in the electrical machine manufacturing industry. This paper reviews the application of SMC in electrical machines. Both successful experiences and existing difficulties are discussed, and possible further work required for the commercial success of SMC machines is proposed. © Institution of Engineers, Australia 2006.
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