Accurate determination of parameters of a claw-pole motor with SMC stator core by finite-element magnetic-field analysis

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Journal Article
IEE Proceedings: Electric Power Applications, 2006, 153 (4), pp. 568 - 574
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Effective and accurate prediction of key motor parameters, such as winding flux, back electromotive force, inductance and core losses, is crucial for design of high-performance motors. Particularly, for electrical machines with new materials and nonconventional topology, traditional design approaches based on the equivalent magnetic circuit, empirical formulas and previous experiences cannot provide correct computation. The paper presents accurate determination of major parameters of a three-phase three-stack claw-pole permanent-magnet motor with a soft magnetic composite (SMC) stator core by finite-element analysis of the magnetic field. The effects of magnetic saturation and armature reaction are considered. The theoretical results by numerical analysis are validated by the experiments on the claw-pole SMC-motor prototype.
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