The lit'tle island series.

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“Let me share with you, The City of Invention. For what novelists do is to build Houses of the Imagination. And where houses cluster together there is a city.” – Fay Weldon, Letters to Alice. “The island is a state of mind.” – J. G. Ballard, Concrete Island. Drawing upon methods of data visualisation and infographic design, the objective of my major project, The Lit’tle Island Series is to explore design as a methodology for comparative literary studies. Each poster individually “maps” the literary elements (plot, characters, narrative perspective, and setting) of a literary text within the island/castaway genre. When placed in correlation to one another, these pieces from the beginnings of a “literary archipelago” that explored and reveals the multifaceted relationship between the different texts. The information on these posters is then further visualised into a 3D form as intricate dioramas. Harking back to the childhood past time of construction dioramas and models, these “literary dioramas” elicit a sense of wonder and nostalgia in the viewer, with a aim of making literature more accessible and engaging to an increasingly “ocularcentral” society.
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