De Stijl : a new attitude towards familiar things

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De Stijl was a periodical that was first published in 1917. Its images contributed to a new sense of modern beauty and aesthetic. Prominent artists and designers included Piet Mondrian and Theo Van Doesburg. De Stijl sought to change attitudes towards familiar things by representing them in a different way inline with their world driven by the new technological age. This project is a celebration of De Stijl. It takes the philosophy of the century old publications and applies them to a series of graphic experiments using today’s technology. These experi-ments explore the square, movement in nature, the grid as a framework and a borderless canvas. The results of the experiments provide a refreshing interpretation of our surroundings. De Stijl remains relevant as a way of looking at the world one hundred years on in a time of not dissimilar change and challenge.
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