Towards the valuation of unregistered land

World Bank
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Conference Proceeding
2015, pp. 1 - 25 (25)
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About 70% of land ownership units in developing countries are not formally registered and land registration is not achieving the desired results. At the same time, and while still recognising there are needs for such top-down initiatives, UN-HABITAT/GLTN is looking towards facilitating an evolutionary approach towards market development by the use of valuers. UN-HABITAT/GLTN considers the valuation of unregistered land may be necessary: 1. in situations of urban expansion into unregistered peri-urban sprawl 2. developments including infrastructure projects entailing compensation 3. upgrading of informal settlements 4. investments in improved farming resettlement initiatives – even disaster related resettlements, redressing historical displacements, and 5. individual owners – mostly from disadvantaged groups - needing to borrow against their land or do share-cropping or sub-leasing of their land due to socio-economic pressures, etc. This paper is a progress report on facilitating the valuation of unregistered lands. In so doing, UN-HABITAT/GLTN is looking towards not only a bottom-up approach, but also one that also addresses all the relevant socio-economic and institutional scales between the top and the bottom, so that both valuations and property markets in unregistered lands can be addressed in a “fit for the purpose” market-specific manner.
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