Price-based friendly jamming in a MISO interference wiretap channel

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Proceedings - IEEE INFOCOM, 2016, 2016-July
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© 2016 IEEE. In this paper, we expand the scope of PHY-layer security by investigating TX-based friendly jamming (FJ) for the wiretap channel in multi-link settings. For the single-link scenario, creating a TX-based FJ is an effective and practical method in improving the secrecy rate. In a multi-link setting, several information signals must be transmitted simultaneously. Thus, the design must guarantee that the FJ signal of a given transmitter does not interfere with unintended but legitimate receivers. Under the assumption of exact knowledge of the eavesdropping channel, we first propose a distributed price-based approach to improve the secrecy sum-rate of a two-link network with one eavesdropper while satisfying an information-rate constraint for both link. Simulations show that price-based FJ control outperforms greedy FJ, and is close to the performance of a centralized approach. Next, we propose a method based on mixed strategic games that can offer robust solutions to the distributed secrecy sum-rate maximization problem under the assumption of an unknown eavesdropping channel. Lastly, we use simulations to show that in addition to outperforming the greedy approach, our robust optimization also satisfies practical network considerations. In particular, the transmission time for the robust optimization can be determined flexibly to match the channel's coherence time.
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