Examining the perceptions of information technology in an elite sporting organization

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Proceedings of the 27th International Business Information Management Association Conference - Innovation Management and Education Excellence Vision 2020: From Regional Development Sustainability to Global Economic Growth, IBIMA 2016, 2016, pp. 2939 - 2951
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Copyright © 2016 International Business Information Management Association In recent years, technology has enabled sporting organisations to become innovators in the global sports arena. Elite sporting teams and bodies are becoming increasingly dependant on technology for daily operations and subsequently these organisations are more and more reliant on technological developments in sport. Player training and management technologies and team performance tools have given sporting organizations the avenues to become more competitive. Organizations invest in information technology for many reasons, for example cutting costs, increase in production and services without increasing costs, improving the quality of services or products and sporting organizations and bodies are no different in looking to technology to gain competitive edges as well as improvement of athlete preparation. However, in spite of these innovations and the potential to gain competitive edges, some seem to struggle with technology resulting in an ambiguous and sometimes negative perceptions of IT services. This work examines the building of credibility in sporting organizations through education and the development of positive perceptions of information technology. The findings provide a basis for further studies and possible trials of differing education formats in technology to further develop both the positive acceptance of sports related technologies and assist in improving the sporting organization's environment.
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