Architecture of an IoT-based system for football supervision (IoT Football)

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IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things, WF-IoT 2015 - Proceedings, 2015, pp. 69 - 74
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© 2015 IEEE. Football, also called soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world, if one considers the number of fans as well as the number of players. However, footballers face serious injuries during the match and even during training. Concussion, hypoglycemia, swallowing the tongue and shortness of breath are examples of the health problems footballers face, and in extreme cases, may lead to death. In addition, many sport clubs and sport academies spend millions of dollars contracting new professional footballers or even developing new professional footballers. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new paradigm that combines various technologies to enhance our lives. Today's technology can protect footballers by diagnosing any health problems, which may occur during the match or training session, which, if detected early, may prevent any adverse effects on their long-term health. This paper proposes an IoT-based architecture for the sport of football, called IoT Football. Our proposal aims to embed sensing devices (e.g. sensors and RFID), telecommunication technologies (e.g. ZigBee) and cloud computing in the sport of football in order monitor the health of footballers and reduce the occurrence of adverse health conditions. The aim is to integrate the IoT environment, in particular the IoT application, into the field of sport in the form of a new application.
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